Tuesday, 8 January 2013

On the edge of the sea

The western  beach in Gilleleje, Denmark covered in snow

The western beach with snow and stripes of sunlight, Gilleleje, Denmark

The  western beach at Gilleleje, Denmark  covered in snow and with stripes of sunlight

Coast protection stones and snow on the western beach, Gilleleje, Denmark

Western beach in Gilleleje covered in snow and the gravel works in the background

Frozen tree, Gilleleje, Denmark

The gravel works in Gilleleje, Denmark

The gravel works with a swarm of seagulls, Gilleleje, Denmark

Waves and stones on the beach

At the coast on a blue day

Coast protection stones

Green wave

Pearly blue light on the beach

Shortly before sunset

Coast protection stones on the beach

Old wooden coast protection 

Breaking green wave

Pale green wave

Breaking waves

Pale blue beach

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