The sport of Fencing, Foil, Épée and Sabre


The big mistake

Pyknic En garde.

Leptosome En Garde.

Athletic En Garde.

Le Fleuretistes.

Parry of Septime

Line closed with low quarte opposition

Parry of Seconde

Parry of lifted Prime

Mastering the lunge

Coup D'Arrét

L' Esprit D' Escrime

Acrobatic retreat

Carravagian fencer, Italian fencer Andrea Cassara 2007

French fencer Erwin Le Pechoux 2008

Russian fencer Youri Moltchan 2008

British fencer Richard Kruse 2008

Italian fencer Valerio Aspromonte 2008

German fencer Christian Schlechtweg 2008

Italian fencer Allessandro Meringolo 2008

British fencer Richard Kruse versus Italian fencer Valerio Aspromonte 2008

Faces in the dark



Fleche and counter attack 

Parry of sixte

Swedish fighter



All white. Assemblement.

Counter attack

Backwards jump

Counter attack

Fencing competition equipment chaos

Fencing competition chaos

Gathering beneath the painting of the master

Young fencer and parent

What's so funny

On his knees coaching

Alone on stage

A true gentleman

Gold and silver. Young fighters

Fast boy

The sacred service of weapon inspection


Fleche. Austrian fencer Roland Schlosser

Attack on preparation

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